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Metal equipment co ltd is a contracted  partner to design and build for there product range as well as their assembly line based in Nairobi.

Some of the projects covered are as below:

Metal Equipment co ltd ventured into the body building and parts manufacture of components for the Automotive industry. With the capacity to design using Auto cad and solid works and qualified engineers in house we serve a wide range of clients.


  • Design, develop and build a tipper unit of their fVZ model. Metal Equipment is now building the 295 unit for them and the unit is sold across the country with a huge success building a huge revenue for Isuzu.
  • Cross members for there FVZ, FSR, FRR models. The cross members are locally manufactured in Metal equipment co ltd and powder coated to meet international standards.
  • Mud cover brackets are manufactured as per Isuzu drawings for their assembly plant.
  • GB polo model air intake modifications. The GB polo model was assembled in Kenya but had a design flaw in regards to the air intake position, Metal Equipment company was able to re design the air intake positions and changed all units.
  • Spare tire carriers for truck models to mount all spare tires for the assembly line.
  • Truck mounted Ariel lift for working at heights. Metal equipment designed and fabricated an Ariel lift platform for the use of working on heights i.e. street lights, buildings.
  • Truck mounted cranes for working and lifting on site for contractors of roads and bridges. Metal equipment designed and manufactured units that are contracted by the government to build bridges.
  • Re design and manufacture of bench seat for NPS. Metal equipment was contacted to come up with a new design for the bench systems that were failing. Metal equipment has modified many units with full success and no units that have been worked on re turned.
  • Design, develop and build a tourist extended version 79 series model. Metal Equipment is now in progress to setup a manufacturing workshop to produce more than 20 units a month. With a test unit already produced and tested we were able to achieve the vehicle to be 1 ton lighter and give a fuel saving of 47% so as to reduce operational costs of the tour operators and reduce cost of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Metal equipment was contracted to design and build roll cages for the pickup model for the PSV sector. As Metal equipment is working closely with the local authorities to save lives on our roads with consultation on the design and to meet standards metal equipment now fits roll over protection on all pickup models.
  • Various Automotive companies have contracted metal equipment to design and produce Armored vehicles. The design is currently a working progress. Metal equipment believes that the end user has a vital roll in the design of the units and have interviewed several drivers and security personnel to perfect the design
  • Truck mounted water tank carriers for firefighting. As the design was very different to the fire fighters that are purchased from abroad, we were able to customized for that the units can be used in fighting bush fires that are in Eastern Kenya Counties currently.
  • Truck mounted water tank carriers for the transportation of plastic water tanks across the country.
  • The 79 converted for the various conservancy as an anti-poaching unit with dog kennel. The unit was designed and manufactured to the client’s specification.
  • We were contracted by various automotive companies as a part of their corporate social responsibilities to design and build a Ventilator for the covid 19 pandemic that was presented to the cs of industrialization. The product was also taken and tested at the Nairobi hospital to ensure that the product works as per the doctor’s preference.
  • Commercial tipper manufactured for the line of trucks.
  • Open game viewer designed and manufactured for the tourist industry.
  • Design, develop and build various models of tipper units. Metal Equipment has built two units for them, the units have been sold across the border to Tanzania with a huge success.
  • Winch type spare tire carriers we previously imported now they are locally manufactured in Metal equipment co ltd and powder coated to meet international standards.
  • Design, develop and build a national authority carrier unit for the law enforcement. Metal Equipment went through various designs to come up with a unit for the law enforcement and other security institutes. The unit was manufactured and tested in the Nairobi national park with Kenya wildlife service personnel. The unit was presented by His Excellency to the IG at Statehouse Nairobi.
  • Roll cage designed and fitted on one of their enforcement vehicles that was used as a school van.

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