Non-Destructive Testing - NDT; This cold, technological term masks a product that is actually very emotional. Anyone who can rely on components one hundred percent knowing that they are free from symptoms of fatigue can understand that. It is the same feeling you get when you are absolutely certain you turned off the stove before you left home. MeviD is an NDT Department of Metal Equipment Co. ltd, Nairobi, offering Non Destructive Examinations/Inspection services to Energy Sector, industrial sector and the aviation industry. We have qualified personnel, modern equipment and well established inspection procedures and practices that are in compliance with the Safety, Health and environmental (HS&E) policies. We carry out our inspection in reference to DS-1 (Cat 2, 3 & 4), API relevant specification (API RP 7G, API Spec 7, API 5CT for Casing and tubing etc) and as per customer/client recommended procedure.


Ensuring MeviD’s services meet customer and regulatory requirements on quality & safety through operational suitability of the equipments for fit to use by qualified and certified personnel. Carry out operations ensuring that no incidents or harm to personnel, other interested parties and the environment. Improve continually on service provision, Improve operational integrity through employee consultation on Quality & HSE matters. Provide all necessary training and certification support to field staff to broaden their knowledge, exposure to new technology and service standards.

MeviD is committed to be the leading inspection company in Kenya and around East African region offering NDT services exceeding customers’ requirements strictly in compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental regulatory requirements.
Provide superior quality services in NDE, Inspection of OCTG & BHA products for oil & gas industry and other specialty services including Geothermal, Pipeline, Water drillers, Industrial (Boilers & Pressure Vessels) and Aircraft Industry. Continually improve performance of Quality Management System. Comply with applicable customer, legal & other requirements related to services we deal with

We are Kenyan company who have strive from scratch and now  competing with international companies whose costs are high but not necessarily are their services are of quality.
We complete our work on time and efficiently, leaving our client happy and satisfied.
Our well trained personnel have adequate knowledge of the services we offer guaranteeing you quality work, done in accordance with the HS&E set policies.
We are relatively cheaper in comparison with other international companies offering the same services since we are locally establish and our expatriates are locals thus save transport and accommodation costing which would be incurred to the clients.

Giving us an opportunity to serve you is our profound pleasure, it brings growth to our economy as the saying goes; “buy Kenya build Kenya” and also leave you satisfied.